Dad for Beginners

Amateurism at its best

July 30, 2014
by Creed

Thousands of Years of Bad Parenting Advice: Soviet Union, families

As a highly developed social theory, Communism holds that children represented the power of the future and should be afforded the best possible care and education. Mothers were considered “laborers” and were entitled to benefits as any worker would be. … Continue reading

diaper bag

July 21, 2014
by Creed

Baby Junk, pt. 2 – Diaper Bag

One thing I’ve learned in the one year I’ve been a parent is that other parents like to tailor their public parenting to meet their narcissistic needs. Parents like when another parent admires how “together” they are. Conversely, some get … Continue reading

July 10, 2014
by Creed

How to Save Money, pt. 4: The Bondage of Baby Clothing

For a variety of reasons, there are few things more frustrating than baby clothing. Most obviously, baby clothing is a never-ending expense that is predictably cyclical in nature and ongoing until your baby reaches a physical plateau. Secondly, babies, much … Continue reading

World Cup

July 6, 2014
by Creed

Separation of Mind and State

All the recent American fervor over the World Cup is easily the sorriest display of fandom the sports world has ever seen. It is no secret that America does not like soccer. In fact, it is a well-established fact that … Continue reading

July 3, 2014
by Creed

Learning Moments: The Fourth of July

Organic learning moments are so rare. When available, it is critical to capitalize on the natural opportunity to teach a child something without it seeming contrived, forced, or having been done as a reaction to some act of malfeasance. This … Continue reading

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