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March 24, 2017
by Creed

How to Identify Illness and Care for a Sick Child

There is a lot to complain about as a new parent. The daily routine of keeping your child alive is a difficult task. Moreover, there is a laundry list of items that can complicate it. One of the more irritating, … Continue reading


March 13, 2017
by Creed

Be Your Own Manager

Modern adults are enthralled with their professional achievements. Professional upward mobility along with job title has become a source of solace for huge numbers of people, so much so that entire social networking mediums exist for people to bombast their … Continue reading


March 11, 2017
by Creed

Dumpster Fire: Social Media and Adults, pt. 2. – Facebook

Facebook, in short, is human experience gone berserk. And adults are to blame. Through the years, Facebook has taken on a variety of guises and has seemingly gone through epochs of existence. Facebook of yore was an archaic digital ‘ … Continue reading


March 1, 2017
by Creed

Kids and Manners: a manual for new parents/pitiful role models

Encouraging good manners and behavior in children is a difficult endeavor. It is made even more challenging once parents realize that the real key to promoting manners and kindness is based on role modeling. Most modern adults are simply unable to … Continue reading

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