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thankful for your children

June 22, 2017
by Creed

Raising Chickens: A Step-By-Step Guide in Learning How to be Thankful for Your Children

You should be thankful for your children. Children are a gift. If a sufficient amount of time passes in your life as a parent and you still do not feel this way, get yourself some chickens. This isn’t a metaphor. … Continue reading

stress relief

June 11, 2017
by Creed

Rage, Golf, and Functional Alcoholism: Stress Relief in 18 Holes or Fewer

There is no sport that embodies the principles of healthy rage and functional alcoholism quite like golf. A far cry from real sports like martial arts, football, or even speed chess, golf is a leisurely gentleman’s game enjoyed for centuries … Continue reading

why questions of a child

June 5, 2017
by Creed

But Why, Daddy?: Using the Why Questions of a Child to Unearth Life’s Mysteries

Children like to know why. Why this, why that, why everything…literally everything. This nonstop hailstorm of why questions can be irritating and time-consuming. The why questions of a child, however, are simply inevitable. All young children between the ages of about three … Continue reading

for fuck's sake

June 4, 2017
by Creed

For Fuck’s Sake

“Fuck me!” Mary Ann shouted in a fury of rage. “Oh for fuck’s sake!” Tom shouted. She was fucking fed up and frustrated as fuck. Her fucking husband, Tom, couldn’t get it though his thick fucking head that there was … Continue reading

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