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baby bathtub
baby bathtub

How to Buy the Best Baby Bathtub


Children are filthy for a variety of reasons. So I thought that I would do what any logical adult would do, put the baby in the sink and just soap it up. The sink is the perfect size for a baby. But that was the wrong answer because babies need a baby bathtub. Ask any baby, I’m sure they will inform you that they do not want to be bathed in the sink.

If you search for “baby bathtub” on Google, you will see a wide variety of mostly plastic, oval shaped bathtubs designed specifically for babies. In addition to simply holding tepid water, most of these tubs come with a list of features in much the same way a new vehicle has options.

“Let’s see,” I thought. “I’ll take the baby bathtub…the blue one. With the mesh sling to cradle my infant, and the built-in toy basin because bath time without toys is just an absurd notion, and oh I definitely want the automatic drain plug that will alert me if the water is too hot…you know, because it is way too inconvenient to stick my finger in there and feel the water myself plus I’ll likely only be semi-engaged while my helpless infant sits vulnerably in a tub of water. No, I don’t need the Onstar system for $17 a month on my new baby tub, but thank you.”

Okay, okay, okay…so maybe no one needs a baby bathtub with all those ridiculous features. No one needs that stuff. But it exists. And people buy it. On occasion I hear parents question where children get their sense of entitlement. Maybe newborn babies don’t need a bubbling spa whirlpool. Maybe they do, what the hell do I know? [adToAppearHere]

Pictured below is an enamelware baby bathtub. I know what you’re thinking. It’s not flashy. It doesn’t have much personality nor does it have the features of the Infant Lil’ Luxuries Whirlpool. But, call me crazy here…it looks like, oh I don’t know, a bathtub! Search “enamelware” on Google and you’re likely to find enamelware wash basins and enamelware full-size adult bathtubs quickly. Yes, the truth is that many adult sized bathtubs are made from enamel…go figure. Enamelware baby tubs are a little harder to come by and usually are offered used.

baby bathub

Vitreous Enamel. The PTA moms of Greater San Diego will ridicule me!

If you have no qualms about buying used or buying European then you can score some killer deals on enamelware tubs. “But why? Why, why, why would I choose an enamelware bathtub that might be hard to find when I can have a fully loaded, tricked out, designer baby bathtub with the Onstar system?” you wonder. I’m glad you asked.

BPA-free baby bathtubs run upwards of $60 each. Oh, that’s assuming that you love your child and are buying a BPA-free tub, because if you plan to buy a toxic tub then I’m amazed you even read this far into a post about alternative bathtub types. $60 is steep for what is essentially a large bowl to sit a baby in while you clean it. Additionally, what do you plan to do with your BPA-free baby tub when your child outgrows it? Sell it? Donate it? Keep it for the memories? The enamelware tub is multifunctional and it looks a hell of a lot better than a mini whale tub with eyes (pictured below). But if you’re baby demands that his tub have a face and comedic personality, then I guess you will probably need the whale thing.

baby bathtub

Look at that adorable whale tub. The baby won’t even have a clue what he’s sitting in much less that it has been so cleverly crafted into a cute little whale! Hopefully all the BPA he absorbs as a child doesn’t impair his vision as an adult so he can look back at pictures of himself one day in this precious bathtub! Ahh nostalgia… 


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