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The Chrysalis


The constant stress of economic turmoil is how our system was designed. Although the architect may not have prophesied the utter cataclysmic reality that you now find yourself in, they certainly designed the entire structure out of self-interest. Self-interest is the nexus of all intention. Behind all self-interest is a catacomb of altruism, now devoid of any benevolence. The ancient ruins of a once great society of humanitarians now consumed with an egomaniacal lust for more. The chutzpah in their objective nourished by the very normalcy we’ve all adapted to accept. What was at first slightly askew has grown into a cyclical rotation of status quo, birthed and fed by itself. It is its own mother. It gave birth to itself.

When your acrimony hits the ceiling, the only optimism keeping you buoyant is the remembrance of a more rudimentary yesteryear. When people freely played woodwinds on the streets without a tip jar. When children knew to go home not by the regulations set forth by their parents, but when the streetlights came on and the twilight vanished into darkness. When social gatherings were not accompanied by devices that can invariably elicit a desired social response based on the status of what another being is doing in a virtual world. When a road trip meant staying up late the night before and plotting your journey on a foldout map using pushpins and the tiny car from Monopoly.

Social anticipation is stimulated from an inherently anti-social and non-human medium. The physical representation of one self is more often then not driven from a fabricated reality that’s received wholesale buy-in and thus justifying it as a transmitter of a veritable pantheon of contrived emotions. Memory is simply a feature of cognitive function, as all the intrinsic need to create genuine memories has been replaced.

The word “progress” has become a strictly fiscal term. Human growth that does not run parallel to financial gain is no longer called progress but instead labeled as maturation, evolution, or augmentation. Progress is now something only an accountant can track.

For the few, sarcasm is the mask behind which the dagger is shielded. The supporters of our current state of affairs will refer to the sarcastic as narrow minded, cynical, and misanthropic. It is only in the best interest of keeping the dagger sheathed that the sarcastic promulgate their trenchant ways. People are scared when they don’t understand. They feel threatened when they see the chrysalis of truth. When the normalcy is disrupted, people cleave to what they find familiar. When rubbing against the grain, most people will always remember to return the grain to its original state.

Advanced levels of bitterness, sarcasm, and cynicism are the de facto defense mechanisms of a mind that comprehends its reality but cannot rationalize any reasonable solutions. The acceptable venues of free thinking are becoming too narrow to comfortably express unpopular ideas…and thus the grain is always returned to its normal state. The social penalties for vocalizing ideas that do not conform to societal trends are swift and unpredictable. Contrition is easy to feign, however, and the astute mind can atone for virtually anything in an immediately credible way. The undertones are usually so subtle that only fellow “social deviants” appreciate the witty irony concealed within the most sincere statement of regret. Verbal subterfuge has to be so clandestine that it materializes as allegiance. Only like-minded miscreants truly appreciate such an elaborately secretive display of social insurgency.

There is no potential to mobilize or overthrow the procreation of sensitive and overbearing social saviors sent to rescue humans from their biases and unfair beliefs. If a space of social freedom for dialogue will exist again, the commoner will have to evolve into the sarcastic…and the sarcastic will have to emerge from his cocoon of acerbic self-containment. It will be a mental purification that will take generations.

Economic reality is inherently bound to social convention. The ideas rotate cyclically and support each other. The oppression of one upholds the oppression of the other. They live harmoniously in a circular state of backwardness. Embracing one and not the other is impossible. If financial freedom prevails then social subjugation is not far behind. If the serfdom of convention is overthrown, the prosperity of commerce falls right alongside it. Every situation is a loss. Every scenario a failure. To live free is to conform completely. Tow the line or accept your fate. The chrysalis is hard and unattractive, but is a necessary metamorphosis en route to leaving everything else beneath you.

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