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Enraged Nocturnal Caterwauling i.e. Colic

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My son has finally achieved a post-colic status. He is now, for the most part, a semi-normal baby who has replaced the sporadic shrieking, spontaneous screaming, and capricious crankiness with a mere mild level of intermittent annoyingness. This is cause for celebration.

Colic is a stupid word. As a definition, it refers to abdominal and bowel discomfort but it is certainly much more than that. it’s is physical irritation manifested as 15th century medieval torture. It is constipation expressed through enraged nocturnal caterwauling. It is a stomach ache demonstrated through an endless series of high-pitched screeches echoing through the catacombs of what was once your secluded bedchamber.

In honor of this monumental milestone in my life, I’ve posted the following video thus wishing all of you new parents with colicky babies all the best.

To read how colic and similar behaviors effect new parents, check out Parental Pseudo-Bipolarism.

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