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No Crying in the Breast Milk

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Having a bad attitude is sometimes enough to ruin your day. Sometimes, if your attitude is bad enough, it can ruin the day of those around you as well. Personalities are infectious, just like yawns.

A bad attitude can ruin your baby’s development.

This is about breast milk.

Maintaining a healthy milk supply is not 100% about mom. Although mom plays the feature role, those surrounding the mother are just as liable for either an abundant or uninspired supply of nutritious milk. Think of yourself as John Turturro, you’re never the lead but you can still have a pretty decent career in a supporting role.

breast milk

This guy is pretty much indisputable husband material forever.

It is relatively common knowledge that a mother’s positive stress level can quicken the flow of milk. Similarly, a lethargic and stressful attitude can contribute to a slower flow. This seems to be well established in the breast milk discourse. What is not as well known, is that mom’s hormones, namely a shortage of oxytocin, can cause the supply of milk to not only slow, but diminish.

The bond between a newborn and the parents, especially the mother, should never be underestimated. Research even suggests that stress can be communicated telepathically to the baby, thus preventing the child from achieving a state of relaxation suitable for proper feeding. Babies truly are interesting creatures.

There are a number of factors that can influence a mother’s breast milk supply. While stress is certainly not chief among them, it is something that cannot go overlooked.

Probably most interesting is new research linking things like attitudes, music, and environment to potential shifting in the structure of water molecules. Breast milk is 88% water. While these ideas are still unproven, it seems realistic that external forces i.e. angry dad, could cause a change at the molecular level in a woman’s breast milk. Similarly to the concept that dairy cows exposed to Mozart produce a higher quality and quantity of milk, a woman’s breast milk supply is also influenced by outside forces.

Being a new parent is sometimes an infuriating state of existence. Newborns are annoying. They are frustrating. Sometimes they are inconsolable. Babies require round the clock care and it is perfectly normal to harbor feelings of ill will towards your new forlorn and powerless dependent. Attitudes quickly sour and interpersonal relationships strain in the wake of the colicky and feeble mass of fleshy tissue now squatting in your house. Such is the reality of caring for a baby.

However, it is of paramount importance to remember that your attitude, yes you, dad, can ultimately be the root cause of your child’s malnourishment. As much as the mother and baby need support, they need a positive demeanor even when you feel like throwing yourself off a cliff and taking the entire family plummeting with you. Which is pretty much all the time when dealing with a newborn.

Throw yourself off a cliff on your own time. Keep it positive in the homestead.

For more, there is a great blog entitled, The Alpha Parent that, in addition to many other things “parenting,” focuses heavily on breastfeeding. Click here for judgement-free breastfeeding info and other boobie related topics.

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