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save money during pregnancy

How to Save Money During Pregnancy, pt. 2


How to save money during pregnancy–it’s an eternal problem for expecting parents.

It is a myth that pregnant women have to gain any more weight than the weight of the baby during their pregnancy. The perceived weight gain and focus on women’s bodies is a great start for how to save money during pregnancy. Moreover, it is pure fiction that they have to retain any of this weight postpartum. A newborn baby weighs, on average, about 8lbs. Add that weight to the internal accessories that come along with pregnancy i.e. placenta, amniotic fluids, added breast tissue/fat storage, increased blood supply, expanded uterus, and you have approximately 25lbs for a normal sized female. Not exactly a catapult to obesity (that’s not me talking, that’s science). The great thing about science is that it is true whether you choose to believe it or not. [adToAppearHere]

Therefore, maternity clothing serves little purpose during pregnancy and absolutely no purpose after childbirth. Unless you wear an exclusive combination of pantsuits, miniskirts, and skinny jeans, then almost certainly do you have clothing that can adjust to a temporarily expanded waistline.

Below you will see three images of my wife: a couple weeks into pregnancy, at the cusp of 9 months, and within 2 weeks of birthing the baby. Throughout the term of nine months, we spent $0 on maternity clothing. Why? It is an unnecessary expense!  Even at her most rotund, she managed to get by with a variety of sundresses, tracksuits, and jackets.

How to save money during pregnancy

Two weeks in

Admittedly, we visited a maternity store once…for about 45 seconds, before my wife came to the realization that maternity clothing is purposeless.

How to save money during pregnancy

9 months…smuggling a watermelon.

So why is there a cultural attraction to maternity clothing in this country? Women seek to validate their expanding physique by purchasing clothes that justify their bodily changes. It seems crass, but even though the change is natural and expected, women possess a subconscious stigma about their baby weight. The very act of shopping at a maternity store makes the weight gain subconsciously acceptable. Maternity clothing is more about emotional solace than it is about physical form. All this is even more perplexing considering the well-established fact that there are few forms of life more graceful and radiant than a pregnant woman.

How to save money during pregnancy

Postpartum, two weeks out.

Women who’ve retained excess weight use the excuse a lot. “I never lost the baby weight,” they’ll lament. I used to buy in to that rationale. They had me sold…bamboozled. But now, the proverbial wool that had been pulled over my eyes has been lifted.  No more does that justification work with me. Even some men who gain weight as an act of emotional support during their wives pregnancy will tell you the same thing; that they have not lost the baby weight. But what does it matter? So what if you’re fat? Don’t blame it on the child. Be comfortable with yourself. After all, while the baby may be responsible for the weight gain, they certainly are not to blame for your lack of postpartum self-discipline.

Blaming excess fat stores on the departed baby is, just like maternity clothing, more about emotional solace. It does not orbit rational thought nor does it adequately elucidate the lingering corpulence. It is evidence of personal insecurity and we have way too much of that in this country…it’s not healthy. Women (and yes, sometimes men, too) need to believe that their gut, their cankles, and their floppy bingo-arms (see below) are still around for a reason. Maternity clothing is a myth. The irrational convictions we hold about why we’re still fat are a myth. If you’ve remained physically overabundant after childbirth, own it…be who you are, and don’t tell me that you never shed the baby weight!

Bingo arm, also known as bingo wings, adipose arm tissue, flopsy mopsy, and gross.

Bingo arm, also known as bingo wings, adipose arm tissue, flopsy mopsy, unhealthy, and gross.

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  1. As much as I would like to respond to this with a pithy comment in favor of ‘baby weight’, you are in fact right. I think its more important though that you hit the nail on the head about ‘owning’ it and being comfortable with yourself. And Im not too proud to agree with you that your wife has a smokin bod. Good for her!

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  3. During the maternity period one must keep their better-half happy in whichever way it may be. Maternity tops give the pleasure to the women as every lady is fond of dress i feel that. So lets make our better-half feel good. Gaining weight in this period is not a matter to worry about.

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