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Perineal Massage: How to Finger Your Wife With a Purpose

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A good old fashioned fingerbang is often one of the first sexual experiences for a young man. Although a minor accomplishment when compared to the sexual spectrum of adult life, it is monumental in adolescence. It is a milestone. It is a rite of passage. It is likely something that you did in a movie theatre, or on the school bus, or in the back of a car…so sneakily. It is definitely something you shared with your friends yet passionately denied that you did so when questioned by your “girlfriend” in the hopes that you will get to do it again.

As a sexually mature adult, the fingerbang gets forgotten in the wake of the awesomeness of being a sexually mature adult. We may still perform the act on occasion, but it no longer has its luster, its naughtiness – after all, it’s just a finger. [adToAppearHere]

Pregnancy affords the sexually mature male two little known benefits: to relive the nostalgia of the risqué fingerbang and to aid in maintaining the corpus of your expecting wife. It’s a win-win!

Good perineal massage will help prevent lacerations and episiotomy (vaginal tearing) during childbirth. Here is how you as the husband can act as both doctor and mechanic:

Using lubrication of some type, insert your thumbs 1-1 ½ inches inside the vagina. Press downward and sideways, slowly stretching until your partner experiences a slight burn. Slowly and gently massage back and forth. Do this daily for 10 minutes from the 34th week onward.

Perineal massage will strengthen the bond between partners, as the wife experiences the hands-on effort of her partner striving to increase her comfort during labor. Furthermore, it heightens the probability that her lady parts will be functional again rapidly. After all, we do want to ensure that the playground is operational as quickly as possible after childbirth.

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