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Infant Relationships

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He stared into her eyes with a penetrating inquisition. What was he thinking about? No one knew. No one could know. Arguably, he himself didn’t even know. Yet perhaps that was what made his intense focus all the more significant.  With his gaze locked, he furrowed his hairless brow. What was he pondering? He slowly slipped into a relaxed and insouciant disposition. He was making himself at ease. Yet still his eyes contained obvious questions that his body could not express.

It was as if the comfort he finally located within himself had erased the perplexity he had displayed only moments ago. The serenity had melted the catechism. Indefinable intangibles had quieted any inquiries.

When it was over he was distinctly disconcerted. He knew it was over. No one knows how he knew, but he did. Soothing vibes and a light meal were all it would take for him to return to a state of subconscious tranquility.

He will not remember this. No one expects him to. Pictures will not evoke memories. Stories will be only stories, fabricated for all he knows.

He will never understand how his behavior and emotion cannot be replicated.

Relationships will come and go. None will be as genuine.

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