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rife with failure

Rife with Failure

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Rife with failure. This expression can infiltrate your life at any juncture. Adulthood is rife with failure in so many ways that perhaps the most important tool any adult can develop is an immunity to failure, as it will surely impact your life consistently and repeatedly.

One of the mainstays of adulthood is work. However, modern work is different from the work of our parents and grandparents. Loyalty and career building were once noble characteristics of work which have now been replaced by moving from job to job in order to establish a resume built on principles of diverse expertise. Everyone is now a jack of all trades and master of none. However you can still be the master of one trade; failure.

Applying for a job is rife with failure. Despite the various experts and career counseling services, there is truly no definition of a perfect resume or a perfect interview. The best course of action for the modern worker is to expect total failure at every turn. In doing so, you’re virtually never disappointed since failure has become your norm. Don’t worry too much about the content of your resume, most employers barely glance at it anyway. In a similar vein, don’t stress yourself out over preparing for an interview simply because hiring in the modern age is based on networking, specified skills, physical appearance, and charisma. You could essentially show up to a job interview in a three-piece suit with perfectly greased hair after spritzing on your finest musk and get beaten out for a job by a guy with holes in his chinos and mismatched socks simply because he was referred by a friend to the company. Even more devastating is when you’re beaten out by no one at all and the company simply closes the position due to lack of capable applicants. In this case, you’ve been denied a job that was eventually dissolved because you are such a tremendous failure that your credentials were insufficient for employment even when everyone else who applied was arguably worse. Congrats.

In order to best experience failure in all aspects of your life, you need to take it home with you. Monogamous relationships are another fun area of adulthood that are rife with failure. Although initially constructed on the principles of love, companionship, and mutual interest, long-term monogamy becomes rife with failure at the most unpredictable times. Although these failures are usually small things like poorly cleaning a cheese grater or mixing the whites and the colors, they add up over time to paint a larger representation of how you are not only unemployable in the professional sphere, but also quite useless in the domestic one. Go ahead and throw that lonesome sock in the drawer without its match. Doesn’t matter. Put the toilet paper on the wrong shelf, roll up the vacuum cord backwards, and put the fruit in the vegetable crisper. None of this stuff matters anyway, you useless sack.

One of the best areas to experience utter failure is parenting. Parenting right from the get-go is rife with failure and perhaps most interestingly, it really never ends. The failure of parenting will always find a way to manifest itself again and again in new, creative outlets. Don’t worry if your infant crawls between the wall and the washing machine and gets stuck. It is natural for babies to be curious and given that they are small and flexible most likely they’re unhurt by this misadventure. Most of the failures of parenting are accidents or learning moments that are only perceived as failure due to the lack of experience in parenting. However as children grow they are only exposed to more and more situations that could potentially result in sickness or injury and surely you’re as unprepared for these and you were the first time he or she scaled the bars of the crib and toppled over the side.

Being an adult is so rife with failure that the best way to prevent constant embarrassment and shame is to embrace your total ineptitude in every area of life. Adults tend to get embarrassed quickly in situations where they get the wrong answer and this leads to stigmatization and fear of even answering at all in the future. Children, by comparison, will take a shot at literally anything because they haven’t been trained through years of conditioning that failure is bad or wrong. Live your life more like an innocent child. Screw everything up and feel no shame whatsoever. Life is rife with failure but that’s where you find the humanity and the lessons. Certainly many of these things will never vanish entirely and you’ll be well prepared to embrace uselessness time and time again, like a writer who despite their wealth of experience still always manags to worked in a fw typos.

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  1. Nothing succeeds like failure.

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