Dumpster Fire: Social Media and Adults, pt. 4 - Snapchat Dumpster Fire: Social Media and Adults, pt. 4 - Snapchat

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Dumpster Fire: Social Media and Adults, pt. 4 – Snapchat


As we spiral deeper into the proverbial toilet of social media, we arrive at Snapchat, which is essentially a children’s app gone berserk.

Snapchat devolves even further into anti-evolution that Instagram. If Instagram is a Facebook photo album on human growth hormone, then Snapchat is Instagram in a bordello. Snapchat seemingly replaced Instagram with the younger teenage demographic after Instagram was co-opted by adults for their own needs. Unfortunately, like so many other social media apps designed for younger people, it did not stay there and is now yet another dumpster fire in the world of adult social media.

Snapchat functions in a similar way to Instagram – photos, filters, mass sharing in a public sphere, and all for the purpose of self-love. Where Snapchat falls off the deep end is that it can all be done in real time and has a live messaging component to it that auto-deletes historical messages and prevents against screenshots. If there’s an alien race out there existing in a parallel universe looking for the fastest and most effective way to breed a superficial and vainglorious subculture founded on the principles of debauchery in real time, certainly Snapchat is the key to their eternal happiness. Someone is going to get famous and probably abducted.

Snapchat, like the Instagram of yore, is for children. However, modern adults with all their haughty and overbearing charm have not shockingly swindled yet another fun children’s game and turned it into a tool for narcissism. Fully grown human adults using Snapchat is perhaps one of the most bizarre, stupid, and deplorable things to ever happen to human society in all recorded history.

Where other social media programs have a distinct functionality outside of the vanity like Facebook and a semi-real but at least sort of believable functionality like Instagram, Snapchat quite literally has no real value of any kind. It is a real-time social circle jerk designed to promote false perceptions, foster quick and efficient validation, and erase any remnants of debauchery almost instantly. It is the equivalent of the ‘clear history’ button after browsing your parents computer for porn before they get home from work. Adults go here not to share their likes or dislikes, promote business or charity, or even create falsehoods about the health and happiness of their families. They go here for the sole purpose of rapid hedonistic approval of other adults through comedy and lasciviousness. That’s that.

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