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advice from a 3-year-old

January 8, 2017
by Creed

Advice from a 3-year-old

The simple reason you cannot trust parenting websites, blogs, forums, and books is because most if not all of them claim to be experts and typically they all have views on how to parent correctly. It’s well established in the … Continue reading

March 30, 2015
by Creed

Dadvice – 5 Tips for Unparalleled Fatherly Success

It’s kind of scary, huh? You’re going to be a dad. You will be, at least partially, responsible for the life of a tiny, helpless baby. What a prospect! But fear not, new father, for contained within this one simple … Continue reading


September 30, 2014
by Creed

Thousands of Years of Bad Parenting Advice: Vikings

Old North Germanic peoples (i.e. Norse, Viking) embraced their children as adults-in-training immediately from birth. Sick or deformed babies were discarded – left alone to die. Children didn’t engage in recreation. The sole purpose of their existence was to train … Continue reading

July 30, 2014
by Creed

Thousands of Years of Bad Parenting Advice: Soviet Union, families

As a highly developed social theory, Communism holds that children represented the power of the future and should be afforded the best possible care and education. Mothers were considered “laborers” and were entitled to benefits as any worker would be. … Continue reading

January 20, 2014
by Creed

Thousands of Years of Bad Parenting Advice: Soviet Union, orphans

Despite the social advancement that Communism represented, the ideals did not always align practically. Orphan children were a huge problem in the Soviet Union. Although the Bolshevik government immediately recognized and owned the issue, orphans remained a staple in the … Continue reading

October 17, 2013
by Creed

Thousands of Years of Bad Parenting Advice: Victorian England

Children in Victorian England led lives reflective of their parents’ social stature. The minority of children, those of affluent families, led a frivolous lifestyle that included luxuries such as warmth, clothing, and education. Boys were afforded a classical education while … Continue reading

August 12, 2013
by Creed
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Thousands of Years of Bad Parenting Advice: Colonial America

In Colonial America, children were expected to be contributors to the family. Even in the formative infant years, children were discouraged from crawling and were placed in upright positions because it more appropriately mirrored an adult posture. Parents would often … Continue reading

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