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thankful for your children

June 22, 2017
by Creed

Raising Chickens: A Step-By-Step Guide in Learning How to be Thankful for Your Children

You should be thankful for your children. Children are a gift. If a sufficient amount of time passes in your life as a parent and you still do not feel this way, get yourself some chickens. This isn’t a metaphor. … Continue reading


April 1, 2017
by Creed

The Emotional Continuum of a Small Child

By far one of the most challenging aspects of having a child is adapting to the hail storm of emotions coming at you from every angle. There are tidal waves of emotions from the moment the baby is born and … Continue reading


March 24, 2017
by Creed

How to Identify Illness and Care for a Sick Child

There is a lot to complain about as a new parent. The daily routine of keeping your child alive is a difficult task. Moreover, there is a laundry list of items that can complicate it. One of the more irritating, … Continue reading


March 1, 2017
by Creed

Kids and Manners: a manual for new parents/pitiful role models

Encouraging good manners and behavior in children is a difficult endeavor. It is made even more challenging once parents realize that the real key to promoting manners and kindness is based on role modeling. Most modern adults are simply unable to … Continue reading


February 21, 2017
by Creed

Children and Transportation

As a parent, there are certain things you’ll just have to accept are purely and utterly ridiculous and there is simply no changing them. Chief among these is traveling. Whether it be by airplane, motor vehicle, or simply walking from … Continue reading


February 12, 2017
by Creed

The Food Culture of a Child

While certainly sleep, clothing, and shelter are important components of raising a child, one of the more difficult things to adapt to as a new parent is food. Babies and young children, despite their relatively small stature and weight, eat … Continue reading

May 16, 2014
by Creed
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I Hope You Have a Child Just Like You

Parents use this expression. It is one of the many colloquialisms of parenthood. I think we all heard it at some point in our childhoods. “One day I hope you have a child just like you.” But what is that? … Continue reading

February 13, 2014
by Creed

Finding Nostalgia

You never know when you’re living in a moment that you will one day refer to as “back in the day.” You cannot manufacture nostalgia. The only way to enjoy nostalgia is to move on. Maybe one day the moment … Continue reading

December 6, 2013
by Creed

The Mythical Creatures of Childhood, pt. 1: Santa

One of the most beautiful and precious characteristics about a bright-eyed little person is their unquestionable innocence. Babies are the pinnacle of human purity. They live their lives without the stress of financial needs. They are blissfully ignorant to the … Continue reading

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