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May 7, 2017
by Creed

How to be Fearless

Fear is a primal emotion. Everyone has been scared. Even in adulthood, everyone is scared of something. People try to couch their fears inside rationality—nest them in a space of solace—so as not to have to realize them. This doesn’t … Continue reading


April 1, 2017
by Creed

The Emotional Continuum of a Small Child

By far one of the most challenging aspects of having a child is adapting to the hail storm of emotions coming at you from every angle. There are tidal waves of emotions from the moment the baby is born and … Continue reading


December 2, 2013
by Creed

Old People, Babies, and Dogs

We place importance on interesting things. Priorities always make sense in one’s own mind, but sometimes even the most well intentioned priorities are questionable. The ways in which we collectively treat old people, babies, and dogs is a great example … Continue reading

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