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May 16, 2014
by Creed
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I Hope You Have a Child Just Like You

Parents use this expression. It is one of the many colloquialisms of parenthood. I think we all heard it at some point in our childhoods. “One day I hope you have a child just like you.” But what is that? … Continue reading

December 13, 2013
by Creed
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Infant Relationships

He stared into her eyes with a penetrating inquisition. What was he thinking about? No one knew. No one could know. Arguably, he himself didn’t even know. Yet perhaps that was what made his intense focus all the more significant.  … Continue reading


October 7, 2013
by Creed

Parenting on the Edge

Parenting has pushed me to unknown lengths. As I’ve learned from my mistakes, I have come to the conclusion that I occasionally journey down the path less traveled. As a father, I live my life on the edge. When I … Continue reading

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