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why questions of a child

But Why, Daddy?: Using the Why Questions of a Child to Unearth Life’s Mysteries


Children like to know why. Why this, why that, why everything…literally everything. This nonstop hailstorm of why questions can be irritating and time-consuming. The why questions of a child, however, are simply inevitable. All young children between the ages of about three and six want to know why. They make that quite evident day after day.

Surely there is a limit to what most parents are capable of answering. None of us are experts in everything and all of us have a limit to what we can tolerate.

But addressing the ‘why’ bombardment willingly and honestly can be of great benefit to both parent and child. Head over to Red Tricycle where I’m spinning my wheels about children and their incessant why questions.

How Answering My Son’s (nonstop) “Why’s” Helped Us Both

why questions of a child

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