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Thousands of Years of Bad Parenting Advice: Vikings


Old North Germanic peoples (i.e. Norse, Viking) embraced their children as adults-in-training immediately from birth. Sick or deformed babies were discarded – left alone to die. Children didn’t engage in recreation. The sole purpose of their existence was to train as adults. Boys were taught to farm, to hunt, and to fight. Viking boys were encourage to wrestler, grapple, and were given weapons with which to practice.

Children were taught the value in personal hygiene. Contrary to popular culture, which depicts Vikings as an unclean people, they were amongst the most hygienic culture of the time.

Lineage and family was important to Vikings. This was also something represented through Viking children. e.g. Leif Ericsson translates as Leif, son of Erik. Through naming, Vikings would honor the father in what historically would become the surname of the son.


Thousands of Years of Bad Parenting Advice

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